What We Do

Flashings and Cappings are used to cover exposed ends or joints in your roof or façade. They need to be robust enough to be impervious to the elements, and flexible enough to move with the flexing of your building. And most important, they must do this throughout the life of your roof or façade.

In the old days, your builder would have used lead and a hammer to mould the metal tightly into the contours of the surface below. But this was unsightly, and ultimately environmentally irresponsible. So if you’re looking for an attractive long-term solution, you have two problems. First, you’ll need precisely folded flashings to fit. And second, you’ll need to be meticulous in the installation of these products.

There are literally thousands of individual profiles you might choose from, and even more, that can be dreamt up for specific applications.

We specialize in a range of custom-made sheet metal goods including everything from rainwater heads, intricate louvre chimneys and stunning custom fabricated entrance doors

Combining the latest technology with 35 years of experience, enthusiasm, and quality suppliers to provide an excellent service to our customers..

Our service can be all inclusive from initial consultation, manufacturing through to delivery. Whether it be manufacturing your design or starting from a concept our technical team can deliver your project.